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On October 4th it was held an informative day, called "Prepare for Brexit: Practical Transport Issues", on practical transport issues related to a possible withdrawal from the European Union from the United Kingdom without agreement. The General Directorate of Land Transportation, along with the General Directorate of Customs and Special Taxes as well as the General Directorate of Commercial Policy and Competitiveness, the General Directorate of Public Health, Quality and Innovation and the General Directorate of Health participated in that day of Agricultural Production. The presentations (in Spanish) used in such event are listed below:

Frequent questions

  • I am a Spanish road transport haulage operator with a Community licence and I want to sign a contract to transport oranges internationally from Almería to London, and then carry out a cabotage operation between London and Birmingham. How will this operation be affected after the withdrawal date in the event of a hard Brexit?

    There is currently an approved community regulation on the international transport of goods and passengers by road to and from the United Kingdom. It is Regulation (EU) 2019/501 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 March 2019 on common rules ensuring basic road freight and road passenger connectivity with regard to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the Union.

    The aforementioned Regulation establishes temporary measures within the Union for UK carriers (until 31 December 2019) in order to prevent the interruption of international road transport.

    These measures are subject to reciprocity from the United Kingdom.

    With regard to the measures adopted by the United Kingdom in its territory for EU transport operators, and more specifically with regard to cabotage, you can continue to provide this service as you have been until now under your Community licence, pursuant to UK regulatory provision No 708, adopted on 25 March 2019.

    The above notwithstanding, you should check the regulatory provisions that the UK adopts.

  • I am an English road passenger transport operator with an EU licence and I operate a regular international transport passenger service from London to Barcelona. What do I have to take into account for these transport services after the withdrawal date in a no-deal scenario?

    The approved text of aforementioned community regulation also governs the regular international transport of passengers by road to and from the United Kingdom, and seeks to establish temporary measures to avoid interrupting international road transport.

    The aforementioned Regulation recognises the validity of any authorisations issued prior to the date of application of the Regulation until 31 December 2019, as well as of those that are still valid if they have been renewed or modified, in accordance with the rules and procedures of articles 6 to 11 of Regulation (EC) No 1073/2009, to conduct permitted regular and special regular coach and bus services for hire and reward (Article 4 of EU Regulation 2019/501), which may continue to be used for a period not to extend beyond 31 December 2019.

  • I am a Spanish transporter and I provide transport services to and from the United Kingdom. I have a staff of EU, United Kingdom and third-country drivers. When I provide any of my transport services, will there be any additional restrictions in the Union in terms of the certificate of professional competence for drivers?

    During the period of validity of the included contingency measures, the aforementioned Regulation provides that, in carrying out the permitted operations involving the international transport of passengers and freight, drivers must comply with the initial and ongoing training requirements specified in Directive 2003/59/EC.

    With respect to drivers who have obtained a driver competence card (hereinafter CPC card) issued by the United Kingdom who work or plan to work for an EU company (for example, a Spanish driver with a UK CAP card working for an EU carrier), they must file a request with the State in question before the Brexit date to replace the UK CAP card with an EU CAP card.