04. Certificates of no accidents for pilots

What is a certificate of no accidents?

Sometimes, aircraft operators from different countries require pilots planned to contract or re-evaluate, to submit a certificate from their aviation authority in which it is confirmed that they haven’t been involved in any accident or serious incident, as a prelude to the process of their contract.

Why CIAIAC cannot issue a certificate of no accidents?

According to the Spanish and international laws, CIAIAC cannot use information collected during investigations for purposes other than accident prevention and safety improvement.

Additionally, this information is considered confidential, personal and its dissemination to third parties is protected by the Act on Air Safety, not fitting into any of the four cases in which the dissemination of confidential information is contemplated.

On the other hand, CIAIAC considers that the use of this information for purposes other than accident prevention is inadequate and could lead to misinterpretation when trying to assign blame or liability to persons by the mere fact of having been involved in a plane crash

What document issues CIAIAC instead of the certificate of no accidents?

In response to requests for certificates of no accidents, CIAIAC issues a statement indicating that, according to the above, it is not possible to provide the information requested as it is considered confidential and personal.

Generally, this declaration is accepted by the requiring organizations.

Who can apply the above statement?

Precisely for its personal and confidential status, this statement can only be requested directly by the individual and provided to the contact address it is specified.

How I can apply for my statement of no accidents?

To request your statement of no accidents you can contact CIAIAC by email (ciaiac@fomento.es) or by phone (91 597 8960) indicating your personal data and data from your flight license. You will receive the statement within a period not normally exceeding 2 business days.

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